October 12–November 5
new watercolors at Aucocisco Gallery

89 Exchange St. Portland, Maine

as well as new work by these fine folks:

Cassie Jones
Chris Keister
Mark Wethli

"Sage Lewis has contributed a series of watercolors on sheets of propylene mounted on Plexi. Titled "Facet Studies," central forms shaped like irregular gems float in white space. They are beautifully delicate, like whispers of blue liquid, layered and pooling along the edges. It is fascinating to observe how our mind latches onto any intimation of representation, craving the satisfaction of recognition. We will thus see lunar surfaces and wild seas in some of these images. But we should not be deceived for long and give them the attention they so richly deserve as entirely abstract works of art that engage material possibilities to exquisite effect."

-Britta Konau, The Free Press (online), Oct. 26, 2011

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